Other Inspector Grimes Mysteries

Death in the Heir


(Inspector Grimes Rhymes with Crimes # 2)

Rodney’s in England exploring ideas for his next Inspector Grimes Rhymes with Crimes mystery novel by going undercover as a waiter at the notorious Salty Slug pub. On his very first day, three of Rodney’s customers flop face-down dead into their steak and kidney pies, and Rodney’s the chief suspect.

In an effort to clear his name, Rodney plunges backside-first into a hunt for a hidden will and a battle between unscrupulous siblings over inheritance of their parents’ vast estate. As events shift from bad to downright dangerous, can Rodney resist begging his fictional detective, the Sherlock Holmes-like Inspector Grimes, for help?

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Still in the works

The Sinister Sandwich


(Inspector Grimes Rhymes with Crimes # 3)

The Sinister Sandwich cover image USE

‘Nuff said.


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